Web3 stocks to buy globally

The internet world of the web steps into its 3rd generation which is web3. The introduction of web3 to the internet space has led the world to innovate and move to a decentralized based application. Since web3 is getting plenty of attention, the stocks related to web3 are in much demand and hence catching the eye of investors globally. 

The first version of the World Wide Web, or Web 1.0. Users’ only option at this point was to publish information for others to read. In essence, the internet was used as a center for large data. Also referred to as the “read-only web,” this phase.
Web 2.0: Web 2.0 made the internet more sociable. Users may interact with one another and were encouraged to do so. Billion-dollar businesses were abundantly produced by Web 2.0. Web 2.0 businesses include, for instance, Google, Amazon, and Meta Companies. However, a small number of tech behemoths grew to dominate Web 2.0. This stifles competition and keeps raising privacy concerns.

Web 3.0 is a version of the internet that is still being developed. A decentralized version of the virtual world is anticipated. On Web 3.0, users won’t have to be concerned about centralized, data-specific repositories in order to collaborate. Blockchain technology is being used to build this version of the web.

In this article, we will be discussing all those stocks that you can buy related to web3.

Coinbase- NASDAQ: COIN

Founder-  Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam

The current price of this stock is $207.96 and has a market cap of $185.15B. It is one of the leading crypto platforms globally and has close to 75 million users. The management of coinbase has announced a plan to launch NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens on the platform itself. The Coinbase VCs and Venture Capital have also funded different web3 projects like BlockFi, the blockchain network of Solana, and other decentralized projects of finance.


Founder- Jensen Huang, Curtis Priem, and Chris Malachowsky

The price of this stock currently is $265.11 and has a market cap of $165.16B. It is a technology-based company that is innovating around web3. For example, it is developing an advanced AI chip that can mine cryptos and run new web3 applications. The company has recently launched Omniverse, which is a platform that is specifically designed for web3 developers for building metaverse projects, blockchain applications, etc.


Founder- Charles Ranlett Flint

The current price of this stock is $129.18 and the market cap is around $115.85B. This company is constantly evolving and updating its technologies. The artificial intelligence initiative of IBM is bringing a huge change in web3 stocks. It is exponentially shifting its AI and Machine learning protocol to the web3 system. 

Advanced Micro Devices- NASDAQ: AMD

Founder – Jerry Sanders

The current price of the stock is $117.69 with a total market cap of $142.5B. This company is a top semiconductor designer and develops high-power AI (Artificial Intelligence) computing and graphics chips. The Bank of America has predicted that it will gain 25% of the total server market by the end of 2022.

Apple: AAPL

Founder – Steve Jobs

The current price of the stock is around $171.88 with a market cap of $2.8B. With its electronic device, laptops, and media devices, it has been ruling the tech market for several years now. The management is however trying to enter into web3 space to transform it into a new technology of web3.

Unity Software: U

Founder- David Helgason, Nicholas Francis and Joachim Ante

The current price of the stock is $110.28 with a market cap of $31.6B. It offers a platform to develop 3D games for mobile phones and PCs and has entered the VR gaming space too. A large number of video games have been developed by using the Unity engine and are trying to enter to web3 space by providing an enriching experience around gaming space by incorporating web3 technology into it.

Twitter: TWTR

Founder – Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams

The current price of Twitter is $36.24 with a market cap of $28.29B. It is a microblogging platform that is expanding in the web3 space. In their recent announcement, Twitter blue could display their verified NFT in their profile creating a buzz around the NFT segment.  

Fastly- NYSE: FSLY

Founder – Joshua Bixby

The current price of this stock is $28.92 with a market cap of $3.38B. It is the most controversial on this list of web3. It provides the service of a content delivery network and brings the internet closer to web3 by boosting performance and reliability.

Block- NYSE: SQ

Founder – Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey

The current price of the stock is $109 with a total market cap of $56.9B. It is a financial technology firm, formerly known as Square. It provides solutions for P2P payment services, PoS also known as Point of sale, cryptocurrency, etc. it is a peer-to-peer platform Cash App and is a significant contributor to the growth of the company. The development of web3 space will provide more data security and privacy and also promote growth in the organization’s ecosystem.   

TE Connectivity- NYSE: TEL

Founder – Terrence Curtin

The price of the stock is around $149.74 with a total market cap of $48.75B. It is a leading manufacturer of sensors and connectors in multiple industries. This stock has become very important after the rollout of 5G. The company provides physical backbone connectivity and enables users to enjoy fast internet services.

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