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Numerous organizations in the Web3 sector hold dozens of hackathons each year. Hackathons are a great method to learn blockchain development, implement hackathon ideas, manage blockchain projects in hybrid work environments, leverage web3 GitHub repositories, and more for Web3 newcomers and veterans.

Here are some justifications for why you ought to think about taking part in a Web3 hackathon, along with a list of four of the best ones that took place this year.

Web3 developers can access tools, an environment, incentives, and guidance at a web3 hackathon, which is an event sponsored by blockchain protocols, web3 dApps, businesses, or web3 hackathon event organizers (MVPs).

Best Web3 Hackathons

The caliber of the developers who attend, the caliber of the judges and investors present, the caliber of the talks and side events, the prize money, the resources offered to developers, and the technologies that builders are encouraged to use all contribute to determining which hackathons are the best.

Web3 developers must choose which hackathon is the ideal event to attend because there are numerous events and a finite amount of time to construct applications.

ETHDenver BUIDLathon

From February 11 to February 20, 2022, ETHDenver hosted the BUIDLathon hackathon, in which participants competed both in-person and digitally for distinct prize pools. Over $1 million in bounties and prizes as well as $2 million in investments were split among the winners.

Category Projects for Hackathons

The 2022 ETHDenver BUIDLathon’s focus tracks are listed below:

Use Web3 to upgrade Colorado’s public infrastructure, according to Coloradojam

Communities and DAOs – Enhance DAOs’ technological capabilities

Defi: Using decentralized technology to transform traditional financial services

Impact: Address issues that advance social progress

Any service created with mobile users in mind.

Anything about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Building for gaming or the metaverse: Gaming & Metaverse

Facilities & Scalability – Enhance protocols’ fundamental usability and scalability

Anything you can think of that is not included in the previous tracks is Space & the New Frontier.

Whatever you’re producing at ETHDenver, Web3 developers can sign up for a free account on Alchemy’s blockchain developer platform to deploy apps on the mainnet, testnets, and most well-liked layer 2s of Ethereum. Alchemy can assist hackathon teams in developing, testing, and scaling amazing new dApps because it has the most feature-rich free tier in the web3 infrastructure market.

Solana Summer Camp

Solana Summer Camp, the newest hackathon in Solana, began accepting registrations on July 11 and will run until August 16. For the fortunate winning projects, Solana has gathered more than $5 million in awards and starter money.

The Solana Summer Camp welcomes construction workers from all around the world. Cities like San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Chicago, London, Berlin, Singapore, Lisbon, Belgrade, and Amsterdam offer more live workshops, expert panels, and mentorship possibilities.

Category Projects for Hackathons

The Solana Summer Camp’s focus tracks for 2022 are as follows:

Build mobile-first projects using the Solana Mobile Stack. Payments – Promote the globalization of cryptocurrency payments.

Defi: Create users’ decentralized financial applications.

Create the next generation of web apps using Web3.

Build games, NFTs, and chances for players to participate in player-to-player markets based on blockchain technology.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs): Establish new ones

Polygon BUIDLit

Polygon BUIDLit is an ongoing hackathon that takes place from June 15 through August 25 of 2022 and is focused on building and utilizing scalable technology from Polygon. You may sign up for BUIDLit until August 1st and start hacking right away for a chance at the $500,000 prize pool. It is global and entirely remote.

Category Projects for Hackathons

The Polygon BUIDLit will concentrate on the following areas in 2022:

Defi: Create free decentralized financial (Defi) applications.

Build Polygon NFT dApps with NFTs

Create developer tooling and infrastructure for Polygon’s ecosystem.

Game development: create on-chain Polygon games

Bring your favorite Web2 product to Web3 on Polygon Public Goods with Web3 integration in Web2 – create an impactful Polygon dApp

ZK everything – create Web3 dApps using the Zero Knowledge tools from Polygon.


Organization With its hosting of hackathons and summits, facilitation of project growth, and finance for burgeoning businesses, ETHGlobal has made a significant contribution to the global Ethereum community. ETHOnline, their biggest yearly hackathon, will be from September 2 through September 28 in 2022.

Although specific details regarding the hackathon and its awards have not yet been made public, you can read about the past year’s competition and its finalists on their blog. Over 1,000 participants from around the world submitted 218 projects to ETHOnline 2022 with a chance to win $350,000 in prizes.

NFT initiatives, Defi protocols, and security solutions are just a few of the project finalists. To provide a wide range of workshops and seminars, ETHOnline collaborated with several services including Skale, Alchemy, Polygon, and Chainlink.

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