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Web3 is the new age internet model which is based on blockchain. In the past few years, it has become popular among developers to create web3 applications because of the feature called “decentralization”. 

Web3 is a combination of many evolving technologies around blockchain like digital avatars, NFTs also known as non-fungible tokens, and decentralized applications. Learning web3 has become important for developers since there are few developers in this space. There is a high demand for web3 developers and hence it becomes vital for developers to start learning web3 technologies. 

In this article, we will look at some of the web3 courses along with what it provides, so keep reading.

  1. Web3 university- https://www.web3.university/

It includes a wide variety of lessons track that covers all the topics of web3. The topics include building NFTs, creating smart contracts, courses on solidity, and Solana which are blockchain programming languages. It provides both videos and articles free of cost. The learning track which is “Create your first smart contract” is a good course to start learning web3 development. 

  1. Udemy – https://www.udemy.com/topic/blockchain

It is an e-learning platform that provides courses for almost all domains. It has several blockchain courses some of which are:

  • Blockchain for Business: The New Industrial Revolution
  • Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Full-Stack Edition
  • Master Ethereum & Solidity Programming From Scratch in 2022
  • Complete DApp — Solidity & React — Blockchain Development
  • Getting started with Web3 Development

The courses are up-to-date but prices may vary. 

  1. Ethereum developer Bootcamp- chainshot.com

It is a 10-week program that is taught by an instructor from that specific industry. The techniques that it teaches you are, blockchain proof-of-work, smart contracts in solidity, its development, and building a decentralized application. It uses a cohort learning model where students learn during the lecture and also makes separate coding groups to apply what they have learned. 

  1. Zero to mastery – https://zerotomastery.io/courses/introduction-to-web3

It is a five-hour-long master class that teaches the development of blockchain along with its security, potential use cases, basics of cryptocurrencies, and decentralized organization.  

It uses the same teaching technique as that of udemy and covers a wide variety of topics. The courses are based on a subscription model and hence you can access all of the courses by paying a subscription fee.

  1. Buildspace – https://buildspace.so/

It is a development platform for web3 that offers free courses which are cohort-based for building web3 applications. Users can either sign up or connect their wallet to Ethereum to verify the completion of coursework and to receive a certificate after completion in the form of NFT. 

  1. FreeCodeCamp 

It is one of the most used platforms when it comes to learning. Here the courses, as well as articles, are available for free. A few of them are:

Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Course, How to make NFT Art with On-Chain Metadata, Create your own Blockchain ERC20 Token | Python, Brownie, Solidity.

  1. Linkedin Learning

It offers web3 courses that can be accessed by users for a subscription fee of $26.99 per month. It covers all the basic fundamentals of web3 like blockchain, bitcoin, and the working of blockchain applications. 

  1. LearnWeb3

It offers courses for every type of learner, beginners, moderate, and higher. They also have a discord community where students can meet people, attend events, clarify doubts, etc. students can also link their Ethereum wallet for certificates of the course. 

  1. Crypto zombies

In this, you can learn to build blockchain applications by playing games. It is an interactive tool that teaches you all the technical aspects of blockchain and also makes you learn how to build smart contracts using solidity just by playing simple games.

  1. Bloom institute of technology

It was formerly known as the lambda school offers a 10-week course on web3 for helping developers to transition from web2 to web3. It covers concepts like a smart contract, decentralized finance, solidity, etc.

Developers are supposed to work for 15 hours a week for this course completion. It has live sessions and learning materials. The cost of the course is $5,500 for a year with learning modules included. In order to take up this course, developers are required to have prior coding experience in JavaScript, shell scripting, Git, and GitHub. 

  1. Coursera 

It is similar to that udemy and has lots of blockchain development courses. Some of them are free and others are paid. It provides courses from a specific university that is recognized.  

12. Introduction to Ethers.js

Ethers.js, Solidity, Chainlink, and Aave introduction courses are among the many online web3 courses for developers offered by ChainShot, a provider of web3 education.

If you’re interested in more than one online course, ChainShot also provides an Ethereum developer Bootcamp. This remote Bootcamp includes live seminars, group activities, additional tutorials, readings, and evaluations and is aimed at developers who want to switch to a career in web 3.

13. LearnWeb3’s Freshman Track

LearnWeb3 is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and web3 education platform with an emphasis on teaching developers both fundamental and sophisticated web3 concepts. LearnWeb3’s Freshman course provides training on fundamentals of programming, crypto wallets, Remix, an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE), Solidity, developing dApps, developing NFTs, and more for novices.

After finishing the Freshman track, you can go to the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior tracks, which go further into web3 concepts like DAOs, ENS, The Graph, MEV, and gas optimizations, to move from novice to advanced.

Apart from the above-listed courses, do check out the individual documentation of Solana, bitcoin, and Ethereum. They have well-structured documentation of each of these technologies. 

These were some of the courses. I hope you found it useful. If you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comment section. If you think we have missed any course, do let us know in the comments section. 

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